Mike Donovan of Sic Alps on how touring is all about the hour you're on stage every day

Sic Alps is the long-running project of Mike Donovan and whatever group of people become part of the band at any given time. It would be a bit of a reduction to call his songwriting "garage rock." This is more than just people with a lot of energy playing stripped down rock and roll. There's an introspective element that haunts Donovan's melodies. Think Donovan in a dark mode or Mason Proffit with a decadent flavor with a touch of a broody John Lennon. Live, the group has a presentation like you're seeing the last of a line cult bands from California in the 1970s. There is an ineffably compelling quality to the songs and the vibe of the group that sets it apart from many of its peers. We recently spoke Donovan about his tenure in the Ropers, being part of Neil Hagerty's backing band and how he is able to almost trick himself into continuing with a career in music.

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