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Mike Marchant's new EP inspired by bummer summer, new Widowers record in the works

In many ways, it's been a long, hot, tumultuous summer for a lot of people, many of whom are relieved to be making the transition into fall. Mike Marchant is one of the folks who's happy to put the dog days of summer behind him. With this notion in mind, the gifted songwriter, who was in the midst of working on a new Widowers record, says he got distracted creatively and starting penning some songs about this past summer, which "has been full of tragedy for so many of those close to me, and so many strangers."

Those songs turned into a new solo EP, fittingly titled Summer, End and Bring Us Fall. According to Marchant, he's also continuing work on a new Widowers record (sample unmixed track below), and it will be out sometime within the next few months. "I think it's a massive step forward from our first attempt," he reports. "It sounds nothing like our debut. Since everyone is involved in other projects, too, I've been making this record 'collective' style: Most of the old lineup has played on it, and many others, too. It's turned out to be a really fun way to write and record."

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