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Mile Hi-Fidelity recast + playlist - 02.04.09

Last night's show went rather well considering that Andy and I both arrived at the station and made it up to the studio literally three minutes before showtime. (Mental note: Leave earlier next week, doofus!) That was all behind the scenes, though. Listening to the playback today, we sound like the same cool-headed cats you've come to expect. Never let them see you sweat and all that, I guess. We didn't have any guests last night, which means that we got to play a few more songs. To hear what you missed, the recast is posted after the jump, along with the complete playlist. Have at it.

Mile Hi-Fidelity - 02.04.09

The Gluons - "Sue Your Parents"
Rok Tots - "Situation Kid"
Spiv - "Everybody's a Rockstar Tonight"
The Fire Drills - "Cheap Lies"
Six Months to Live - "How to Conquer Grief"
Breezy Porticos - "Taste Pedlar"
Statewide Emergency - "Midnight Creeper"
Hot IQs - "Duck & Cover"
Love.45 - "So Far Away"
Mama - "Cougar"
Tinkers Punishment - "Why Can't You Ever Let It Go?"
Red Line Defiance - "The Big Show"

No Fair Fights
- "Fighter"
Drop Dead, Gorgeous - "Dressed for Friend Requests"
The Constellations - Fettered While I Sleep"
The Knew - "It's On Fire"
The Kissing Party - "Brand New Heartbreaking Friends"
My Calculus Beats Your Algebra - "You'll Find Lady Luck Is a Hooker and You're All Out of Cash"
Red Stinger - "90 Days"
Love Me Destroyer - "I Went to Vegas and All I Got Was this Lousy Overdose"
SleeperHorse - "For Your Health"
Sonnenblume - "Ded 2 Me"
Mike Marchant - "Lower Downtown Curses"
Roger Green - "Goodbye Saddness"
Yo, Flaco! - "Nice Guys"

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