Monolith is a perfect chance to build up your stamina for Run the 'Rocks

Monolith is this weekend, as you're undoubtedly already aware. And while there's a palpable sense of excitement surrounding this year's edition, there's also an underlying sense of dread attached to the proceedings for the portly, woefully out of shape, chain-smoking acolytes among us, spurred by the thought of trudging up and down all those stairs. Fortunately, any latent anxiety is muted by the unbelievably stellar line-up. Suddenly, ascending the Rocks doesn't seem as arduous a task in the face of seeing TV on the Radio, DeVotchKa, Justice, Atmosphere and Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings in such a majestic setting -- so much so that some folks have assuredly dedicated a few extra minutes on the stair master in preparation. Well, don't let that training go to waste. We've just learned of another event slated for a month after Monolith wraps; the American Lung Association is sponsoring Run the 'Rocks, a 5K run whose course will incoporate those blasted stairs and culminate with a free performance by Hot IQs. C'mon, put those paltry windbags of yours and that newfound stamina to use for a good cause. Gotta work off all the beers you'll consume at Monolith somehow, right? -- Dave Herrera

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