Moving Pictures: A first look at Concept Oner's (uncensored) video for "She Wants Me"

Just scoped the new video for "She Wants Me" by American Trash Republic's Concept Oner featuring Chuck $teaks and Pilot Touhill. Before we tell you any more, though, we should probably let you know that this clip comes with a big old NSFW disclaimer attached to it. If your employer frowns on nudity or depictions of illicit drug use, you should probably steer clear of this one, as both get plenty of screentime throughout. If, however, you have a liberal boss or you telecommute or happen to have the day off (lucky duck), well, then, by all means, have at it.

So what we have here is an artsy little piece of cinematography filled with vintage footage culled from what appears to be some sort of stag film from the LBJ-era interspersed with outtakes from someone's real-life heroin diaries from the Summer of Love or thereabouts. While it might seem like we're oversimplifying things or being coy here, we're not. The stars of this Ludovico-esque musical short are, in order of appearance, drugs, people who do drugs, ladies who eschew modesty in their dress, etc. (Hey, we told you it was artsy.)

Oddly, though, the lurid clip, produced by Dumbsteppaz and edited by Concept Uno himself, suits the song, which you can find on ATR's Scumbags Mixtape Vol. 1 and comes off like some sort of downcast hip-hop remix of a lost Nine Inch Nails demo.

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Dave Herrera
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