Moving Pictures: Sneak peek of Mane Rok's new video for "Troubles"

Mane Rok has been one busy cat lately. A few weeks ago, we posted the new video featuring him and Es-Nine for their track "A Game," slated to appear on their forthcoming EP, En Stereo, which is due out sometime next summer. We mentioned another video in the works from esteemed director Eric Heights (Deca, 3 the Hardway, The Pirate Signal) for a song from from the MC's next release, The Mighty Mane Rok Presents the Truth, an EP that's set to drop just after the first of the year. As with "The Truth," the Heights-directed clip from 3 the Hardway, a thirty-second clip of "Troubles," a cut produced by Deca, has made its way to the web a few weeks before its premiere, and we've posted it above for your viewing pleasure. Word to those with epileptic tendencies: Do not click "play" on the video above, as we fear the flickering, strobe effect might do bad things to you like those Japananese kids that had seizures after watching those anime programs back in the day.

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Dave Herrera
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