Cheap Perfume at Bar Standard.EXPAND
Cheap Perfume at Bar Standard.
Brandon Marshall

Reader: Who Decides Which Americans Are Nazis Worth Punching?

The Colorado Springs-based feminist punk band Cheap Perfume released a video, "It's Okay (to Punch Nazis)," on Friday, September 1, not long after String Cheese Incident's drummer blasted antifascists for punching Nazis (and then detoured into a bizarre rant about Jewish bankers that he eventually apologized for). We also told the story of how Cheap Perfume decided to write its song about the fight against fascism and why the musicians shifted from espousing nonviolence to deciding that sometimes force is okay – particularly when it comes to Nazis.

Readers have weighed in on all sides: some baffled as to why anybody would think punching Nazis was a bad idea, others arguing that fascists have the right to freedom of speech just like everybody else, and others saying it's actually antifascists who deserve a fist to the face. Writes John:

Who on earth is saying it's not okay to punch Nazis? Other than Nazis...

Jer replies:

The problem isn't with punching Nazis... the problem is with people pointing fingers and accusing other with whom they disagree as Nazis. I voted for Trump, I'm not a Nazi, but I've been called one. I dare anyone to punch me.  

David adds:

Who among you will determine which Americans are Nazis? What standard will you use? Will it be the same standard you use for racist? Homophobe? Islamaphobe? Misogynist? White Supremacist? Bigot?

Sean weighs in:

Grandma and grandpa had no problem killing Nazis, and that's why we call them "the greatest generation!" 

And Luis concludes: 

Violence is cyclical.

Read more of Westword's coverage about musicians taking political stands during these turbulent times.

Stephanie Byrne of Cheap Perfume.EXPAND
Stephanie Byrne of Cheap Perfume.
Joel Rekiel of BLDGBLKS Music Co.

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What do you think about the use of force in the fight against fascism? Is it ever okay to use violence to achieve a political goal?

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