Readers Blast Nathaniel Rateliff's Gun-Control Stance

Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats.
Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats. Miles Chrisinger
Singer-songwriter Nathaniel Rateliff was famously raised in the small town of Herman, Missouri, and there may be no place under the sun more enthusiastic about deregulating the use and sale of firearms. But now, based here in Denver, Rateliff is living in a state that has a long history of mass shootings and is in the midst of a volatile debate over gun control and the Second Amendment.

That makes the stand that Rateliff and his social-justice foundation, The Marigold Project, are taking on gun control all the more poignant — and for some fans of his soulful rock, downright infuriating.

This week, when Rateliff announced that he would be headlining a two-day weekend of events advocating for gun control on October 13 and 14, people on both sides of the issue took aim at the concert — and each other — in comments on Some are announcing that they will be boycotting Rateliff; others are expressing enthusiasm for the concert and his conviction.

Matt writes:
Thanks for making my decision to not attend justified.
Chris replies:
You must not have learned from the Nike ads. Your views just don't matter any more. It's actually very profitable to go against your narrow views. Good luck boycotting.
Alexis expresses her disappointment:
Ahhh, and I was just thinking how I thought I might like to go see them in concert. Bummer! ????
Scott takes a more tempered view:
My 2nd amendment beliefs don't conflict with my love of him as an artist.
Charlene applauds:
A lot of respect for you, Nathaniel Rateliff. and your group.
And Adrell concludes:
I might consider this, just for all the 2A tears, and at least I would feel safer at the show knowing those cowards decided to stay home.
Read on for more of our coverage of Rateliff's career.
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