New dance music from Falcon Punch and Black Amex, Krooked Drivers, Paris Burns, Despise

Welcome back to In the Mix, our brand-new feature in which we spotlight new dance tracks and mixes from some of the hottest Colorado producers and DJs. This week, we've got some new tunes from Falcon Punch and Black Amex, Krooked Drivers, Paris Burns and Despise. Continue on to get the drop this week's new cuts.

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Falcon Punch with Black Amex - "Backstroke" Sounding like it's coming straight from the outback, "Backstroke" is the perfect track for a walkabout. This chilled out track is perfect for a late night come down, or just sitting on your front porch and relaxing with your homies. It's not a banger, by any means, but seriously, it does sound like you are about to hike to the top of Ayers rock, crack a Fosters and enjoy tasty shrimp on the barbie.

Krooked Drivers - "All Time High" Nothing turns us on quite like some horns, and "All Time High" brings the brass by the truckload. This soulful, smokey track beats around the bush of something that might be bigger than it is itself, but when the crescendo comes with the horns and synths, the cut more than lives up to its name.

Paris Burns - "Pulse" feat Lisa Rowe One of Denver's rising acts in the electro-house scene, Paris Burns dropped a track recently that's got some serious potential. Lisa Rowe's lyrics, although distorted beyond recognition, fit perfectly in this electro-house single, and perfectly complements the build here, which culminates nicely into a drop that doesn't rattle your brain.

Despise - "Circuitous Mix" Looking for that drum and bass fix? Look no further than Recond DnB's Despise. This one-hour mix will surely quench your thirst. Here, Despise takes you on a wild ride that roller coasters through tunnels of dub and drops in and out of fast paced beats. This mix will hold your attention for the entirety by always leaving you wondering what's coming next, letting the speakers tell the story.

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