New I am the Dot EP Minimal Love available today

The latest release from Zachary Tipton's I am the Dot project has arrived and, in case you're keeping track, this makes the fourth release since his first Dot EP last November. The latest release is a three-song called Minimal Love and it may be the best thing he's released yet.

The EP starts off with the title track, a song that sways around an axis of minimal piano chords and flourishes of distorted guitar, while a groovy bass line cavorts with the drums underneath it all. As usual, Tipton's voice is expressive, emotive and powerful enough to carry the song all by itself. The next track, "That Golden Spiral" feels like a perfect hybrid between the first, self-titled EP and the Rare Creatures followup, while the closer, "Mark Twain," is a brooding slow-burner that showcases Tipton's enigmatic lyrics.

You can download the EP for $3 from its Bandcamp page, or other popular outlets such as iTunes or Amazon. It's well worth the money, but you don't have to take our word for it -- have a listen via the embedded player below before you take the plunge.

<a href="http://iamthedot.bandcamp.com/album/minimal-love-ep">Minimal Love by I Am The Dot</a>

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