Nicki Minaj's debut single "Massive Attack" is pretty disappointing

Given the quality of her string of featured appearances in the last year, we're pretty pumped for Nicki Minaj's debut album, due in no hurry later this year. Above is probably the album's lead single, and it's just alright.

Somewhere between guest verses on Robin Thicke's "Shakin' It For Daddy" and Usher's "Little Freak," Minaj established herself as the best Young Money rapper not named Lil' Wayne. And yes, that includes Drake.

Yet in the Sean Garret-assisted "Massive Attack," Minaj is saddled with a pretty ho-hum beat, and she only manages to about a six on the bananas scale, which is about three and a half below her average.

We say this is probably the lead single, because she and her record label haven't actually said anything since the song leaked earlier today. The offical debut of the song and video will come tomorrow on 106 and Park, and it's always possible that the version we hear then will be different. But probably not.

Incidentally, the video itself will definitely be awesome, given that what we know so far is that it involves Minaj driving around in a pink Lambo and getting attacked by helicopter(s). Yes please.

Hopefully, the rest of the album will do her justice. In the meantime, ignore "Massive Attack" and skip straight to the 2:15 mark below.

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