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Nicki Minaj's most memorable fans and her ten most memorable and provocative quotes

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If it weren't for the booming bass and the tight raps, you would have thought last night's Nicki Minaj concert was a Lady Gaga show. It was entertaining on stage and off. Minaj's personality was set to stun. Between full songs and interludes, the real treat during Minaj's stop at the Wells Fargo Theatre on the Pink Friday Tour was her stage presence -- and her fans didn't hold anything back when it came to their costuming. Page down to see the most memorable fans from last night's show and a rundown of Minaj's ten best quotes.

Slide show: Nicki Minaj in Denver Slide show: Nicki Minaj in Denver Slide show: Nicki Minaj in Denver Slide show: Nicki Minaj in Denver Slide show: Nicki Minaj in Denver

Page down for Nicki Minaj's ten best quotes from last night's show.

Slide show: Nicki Minaj in Denver

10. "Stupid hoes be quiet."

9. On her Colorado fans: "I'm dead-ass serious. No one is better than them."

8. "You guys, this is very important, what I have to say. This is the male-bashing portion of the show."

7. "Who likes getting spanked? Who likes getting whipped?"

6. "I wrote this song about someone I wanted to kill."

Slide show: Nicki Minaj in Denver

5. "I wish I could come down there and hug you and kiss you and hump you."

4. "Make some noise if you been hurt by a penis and two balls... If you could just kill them... Men, shut your mouth and listen."

3. "Where my girls that go to school? Excuse me, that should be the one thing you're most proud of."

2. After Minaj brought two young fans onstage and kissed one on the cheek: "Ten years old and able to convince me to kiss him? If that's not a player in the making..."

1. "I didn't expect anyone to come to this show. I just went overseas and came back. Ain't nobody got energy like Colorado."

Slide show: Nicki Minaj in Denver

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