Readers: Favorite Concerts at the Ogden? Fire Those Millennials!

Readers: Favorite Concerts at the Ogden? Fire Those Millennials!
The Ogden Theatre celebrates its hundredth anniversary this year. To mark the occasion, Westword recently served up ten of our favorite concerts at the storied venue. Our list included legendary artists like Prince, the Pogues and Tom Petty, as well as more recently visiting luminaries such as Sylvan Esso and Diplo. The post generated both ire and nostalgia among readers, who weighed in with their own favorite concerts and also shared some gripes. For example, Eric writes:
Are you kidding me! This reviewer must have only seen these ten shows. So many better shows at the Ogden. The Diplo/Justice show was just okay. The Pogues were TERRIBLE, one of the worst shows I've ever seen, and I'm a huge fan and was stoked for that show.
Another Eric recalls:
So many incredible shows at the Ogden: Ministry/Revolting Cocks, Streetlight Manifesto, Red Fang, George Clinton, Steel Pulse, Bonamassa.
Alex adds:
Prince and Godspeed You Black Emperor. Both crazy good shows.
John chips in:
Faith No More
Chris weighs in:
Dio and Doro. Armored Saint.
Jason continues:
Well, I can say I was not at any of these ten shows. I have seen a ton of great shows at the Ogden over the years: The Sword, Clutch, Bad Brains with Deftones, Slayer, KMFDM with Death Ride 69, The Cult, and about another 100 or more. Westword fucking sucks and needs to fire all their millennial writers; it used to be a good rag. Now it just blows!

Read on for more of our coverage of the Ogden Theatre:
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