Ozomatli's "Gay Vatos In Love" immortalizes Angie Zapata in song

Gotta give it up to the men of Ozomatli for having the cojones to embody their convictions rather than merely paying lip service with vacant platitudes, as so many artists do. These cats are putting themselves out there for better or worse. Witness the track "Gay Vatos in Love," from their latest effort, Fire Away. Have you heard it? If not, as you've probably deduced from the title, this a not your typical love song.

While the words aren't exactly those of heavy-handed activists, the overarching sentiment is clear and no less empowering: "If the world can't understand/Stand by your man!" The song was reportedly inspired by California's Proposition 8 (that state's marriage protection act) and the notion of equal rights for same-sex unions. Pay close attention to the last verse. The band name-checks Angie Zapata -- the Greeley transgendered teen who was brutally murdered a few years ago -- in the same breath as Juan Gabriel.

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