Patton Oswalt ripped off. Again! WTF?!

Wherever he is right now, Nick Madson has got to be breathing a huge sigh of relief. Thanks to Brian Corman, who lifted part of his valedictorian speech at Columbia University last week directly from Patton Oswalt's "Physics for Poets" bit (38:38 above), when the random doucher category comes up on a future episode of Jeopardy!, and Alex Trebek says, "This dude ripped off Patton Oswalt's jokes and tried to make them his own in the spring of 2010," Madson's name won't be the only right answer -- even if there is a very clear distinction between the two.

Unlike the Madson, however, Corman reportedly owned up to his blatant pilferage and subsequently apologized. (Note to would be comedy burglars: We hear Brian Posehn has some knee-slappers, too. We're partial to that bit about the cats from his new album.) [Onion]

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