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Photos: The 2014 Westword Music Award Winners

We've just announced the winners of this year's Westword Music Awards. See the winners in each of our forty categories in the post that follows -- the names of the artists who came out on top of the public vote are bolded and enlarged.

We took a few photos of the winners (and friends) last night at the Awards party -- you can see them above certain categories below. Congratulations to every nominee! There is truly an embarrassment of excellent talent in the Denver music scene.

POP -- TRADITIONAL Eldren Foxfield Four Ivory Circle Petals of Spain Rachel & the Kings The Samples The Wild After You Me & Apollo

POP -- ALTERNATIVE The Centennial Claymore Disco The Epilogues Flashbulb Fires Monroe Monroe My Body Sings Electric The Royal Take the Oars Vices I Admire We Like Monsters

POP -- INDIE Fingers of the Sun I'm a Boy The Jekylls The Kissing Party Esme Patterson Sunboy Science Partner Varlet

ROCK -- TRADITIONAL Calder's Revolvers The Congress The Cutthroat Drifters Fox Street All Stars Hot Apostles Kinetix Lola Black Mosey West Musketeer Gripweed Something Underground Thief River Warhawk West Water Outlaws Walter

ROCK -- ALTERNATIVE Dragondeer The Drunken Cuddle In the Whale The Knew Lil Thunder The Outfit Safe Boating Is No Accident Yawpers

ROCK -- INDIE A Band in Pictures Confluence Distant Correspondent FaceMan Fierce Bad Rabbit Land Lines Navy Princess Music Shady Elders Snake Rattle Rattle Snake The Somerset Catalog Sour Boy, Bitter Girl South of France Swing Hero Twin Peaks

ROCK -- GARAGE The Blue Rider Colfax Speed Queen Indigenous Robots The Manxx The Patient Zeros Thee Dang Dangs

ROCK -- GARAGE PUNK The Best Creeps The Dirty Few Ned Garthe Explosion Pizza Time Zebroids

ROCK -- PSYCH/AMBIENT Emerald Siam Pale Sun Plume Varia Tjutjuna Prismwaves

ROCK -- HEAVY Angry Hand of God The Bronze Black Lamb Core Zero Il Cattivo Low Gravity MF Ruckus Muscle Beach Omniism Space in Time

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Kiernan Maletsky is a former Westword intern.
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