Photos: The world's largest marijuana pipe, at the Umphrey's McGee tailgate at Red Rocks

OK, so there has been somewhat more weed smoked in the vicinity of Red Rocks this season. Not inside, mind you. That would still be illegal and no one's breaking that law -- never have.

But the parking lot is a different story. And we have seen some impressive displays of plant life this season. All that was amateur hour, which we learned over the weekend when Umphrey's McGee came to town. Let it be known that fans of that band take their pot very seriously. The pièce de résistance (sorry, sorry) was certainly this here pipe, which seems like it would be a challenge to even hold up, especially after taking a hit of the massive fistful of drugs within. Here's another view:

Good work, fine citizens of the first state to legalize for recreational use. You can recreate like true professionals.

The activities in the Red Rocks environs did not stop at preposterous weed consumption. There was also juggling, costumes and what we have to assume was one very confused Juggalo. Eric Gruneisen was there to capture the highlights.

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