Pitchfork loves Pictureplane, George&Caplin album art/info, I am the Dot cassette release

Pictureplane (aka Travis Egedy) got some more love from indie bible Pitchfork last week. The new media titan called Egedy a "Denver house music mastermind" while pimping his latest free mix, a 41-minute mix which includes selections from Crystal Castles and Rihanna and serves as an intro of sorts to his new, every-other-Sunday residency at the Meadowlark. It kicked off last night, so if you weren't there, your next chance to check it out will come May 30. Behold the album art for the new George&Caplin release. The two-disc album is coming in June and offers both a "regular" disc (titled Secluded Malls & Scenic Byways) full of traditional songs and a second disc (titled Requiem for an Encyclopedia) made up of loopable sonic snippets, meant to be played via shuffle, infinite repeat or, if you've got the patience to program a "remix" via your CD player's controls, in a customizable, unique configuration. I am the Dot's excellent Rare Creatures EP is getting a limited-edition release on Buckingham Pie Group, a cassette tape label based out of Golden. Yes, you read that right: Cassette. The release comes on a handmade, transparent, blue cassette with full color artwork. You also get a bonus track ("Quantum Thoughts") that wasn't on the digital version of the EP, and a free download of said digital version in case, like everyone else, you threw out your cassette player years ago. You can own it for just $5, but hurry: There are only copies of it up for grabs via the website (no word on how the other seventy will be distributed).

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