Pretty Lights coverage on Billboard.biz

It was just a couple of days ago we were opining about how the future of Pretty Lights was looking brighter and brighter. Now, as if to add credence to our keen observations, Billboard.biz (the online version of Billboard) has gone and featured the outfit as part of an article on new, aggressive digital pricing schemes and the bands and labels who are making them work. Since Pretty Lights is giving it away, the Billboard folks looked at how that was working out for the Lights. And just as we noted, they came to the conclusion that it was working just fine, fueling attendance at Pretty Lights shows across the country.

Randy Reed of Red Light Management says the band's current tour - only its second full trip around the country -- is being fueled by the free giveaway. "Almost every single date is selling out," he told Billboard. "I attribute that biggest part of that to the word of mouth that's spreading." Through Thursday, the new album - not yet commercially available - has been downloaded about 63,000 times since it came out October 6th.

Of course, it helps if the free music is backed up by a good live show. "He's delivering the whole package," says Reed. "He has great music and a great live show."

63,000 downloads is an impressive number, and we couldn't agree more about Pretty Lights -- it is indeed the whole package. Nice work, and congrats on the exposure.

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