Punch Bowl Social Now Has Private Karaoke Rooms

There was never a shortage of diversions at Punch Bowl Social on South Broadway — the restaurant and bar's offerings include(deep breath) ping-pong, shuffle board, darts, billiards, arcade games, marbles and, of course, bowling. And, as of last month, a pair of private karaoke rooms upstairs. 

Denver is home to the first Punch Bowl Social, but the organization has since expanded to Portland, Austin and Detroit. And our hometown location is actually the last one to get private karaoke — it started in Portland, where such rooms are massively popular. You'll be harder pressed to find them in Denver, however. In fact, Punch Bowl is among the only places where you and a handful of your friends can belt out Bon Jovi without entertaining the entire bar. 

The rooms are outfitted with Punch Bowl's characteristic eclectic decorations and seating (ranging from couches to the poofs you see in the photo above), and a server will bring you all the snacks and bowls of punch you can handle. 

The establishment invited the Westword staff to test out the new set-up last month. We can attest that the songbook is massive and includes some Tom Waits. We can also strongly advise against challenging our clubs editor, Jon Solomon, to a karaoke-off. 

The private rooms are available for $25 per hour (for groups of one* to five) or $35 (for groups of six to ten). 

*If you are planning to book an hour of karaoke for a group of one...we hope you feel better soon. 

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