Tay Anderson Drops a Rap Song: "Slavin' Up at DPS" on YouTube

Tay Anderson drops a rap single bemoaning his legal woes.
Tay Anderson drops a rap single bemoaning his legal woes. YouTube screengrab
Yes, you read that headline correctly. Tay Anderson, the at-large director of the Denver school board who was censured by the board earlier this year after he was embroiled in sexual-harassment and -assault claims, has dropped a rap song on his YouTube page called "Slavin' Up at DPS."

The song, which went up two days before Christmas (and shortly after Anderson was elected vice president of the Denver school board), bemoans his legal woes — he's sued some of his accusers — and is just as cringe-worthy as Anderson's recent claim that he is a "social media influencer."

While the Investigations Law Group probe commissioned by DPS did not find evidence to substantiate some of the more spectacular charges — including one that Anderson has assaulted 62 current and former students — it did determine that Anderson had exchanged inappropriate messages with teenage students and also intimidated witnesses on social media.

Still, Anderson just can't stay off social media, and "Slavin'" could simply be an effort by the 23-year-old boardmember to regain his status as a "social media influencer," as he called himself in the defamation lawsuit he filed in November, saying that the unsubstantiated claims caused him to lose money in that nebulous realm.

So far, "Slavin'" has gotten a whopping two likes out of the more than 900 views since it went up; comments have been disabled — which could be a smart move. ."I'm just chillin' at the crib and makin' policy," Anderson raps. "They say they want some drastic changes here but all I see / Is folks not helping all our kids when they can hardly breathe...

"And somehow I get all the blame and that's what bothers me," he continues. "Spending $250K on iodine / They could have focused on some other stuff and not on me."

"Ms. Ron" — who is not further identified — then steps in to heap praise on Anderson with her verses: "Layin' it down with Director Tay Anderson / You may be missin' what I'm sayin' take a gander, son / Little probing through it but he keeps keepin' on / We need some change, but everybody keeps sleepin' on."

The chorus, meanwhile, is simply "Slavin' up at DPS" over a cheap beat, repeated at least eight times.

Neither the Denver school board nor Anderson has replied to a request for comment on the song. But "Slavin' Up at DPS" speaks for itself.
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