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Ready! Set! Tackle! When fans attack! A look at the ten greatest uninvited stage guests/invaders

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When a fan rushed the stage at the end of Lil Wayne's set at Comfort Dental and was subsequently tossed/tackled by security, we decided it was time to pay homage to the fans that have the balls to bum rush the stage. We don't exactly know what gets into these people, but we certainly commend their brazeness. I mean, who cares if you get tackle, choked out, handcuffed or thrown in the clink? It's totally worth it for a few seconds on stage with your idol. Click through for a look at the ten greatest stage invaders.

10. Miley Cyrus This kid is one of our favs. It looks as though he just wants to dance. We think Miley should've just embraced his eagerness and given him a hug. Who knows? Maybe she was on her way to do exactly that before her bodyguard plowed him? Honestly, any guy that scares the bejesus out of Hannah Montana is our hero.

9. Lady Gaga We don't care two shits if Lady Gaga gets attacked on stage. What we do love about this clip is that her crazy, pointy, shoulder-padded dancers kicked this fans arse and then go right back to rockin' out. Effin awesome.

8. Britney Spears Brit Brit had enough problems on her Circus tour, so it makes us laugh our asses off that she has a mini panic attack on stage. This guy looks harmless enough, but Britney has a bit of a meltdown. We only wish she really would've lost in and started yelling at him in her Louisiana/British accent.

7. Avril Lavigne We're wondering who in the hell would ever rush an Avril Lavigne concert, but here it is. It's just sad for the fan that his legacy is pretty much guaranteed to be "the guy who got his ass kicked at the Avril Lavigne concert." Start drinking now, and pray for a reality show, kid.

6. Tool Maynard + Headlock = Our dream concert.

5. Keith Richards Keith Richards may be like one-hundred years old, but he can still kick some major fan-ass. We suppose that if you're gonna get arrested at a concert for rushing the stage, you should definitely pick a memorable band. We're just wondering how in the hell this guy got on stage in the first place? Bad security always makes for awesome YouTube videos.

4. Snoop Dog Jesus, who in the hell would think charging Snoop is a good idea? We get that the Hennessey goes straight to the brain, but come on, dude; sit your dumb ass down and just leeeeaaan back.

3. Pitbull We love a good ass kicking, and frankly, we're surprised Pitbull had it in him. He seems to primarily be the master of thrusting inappropriately and being bald, but who knew he'd be ready to throw down as well!

2. Noel Gallagher Really, it's about time someone tackled this egotistical asshole. We suggest just watching it over and over again. As a matter of fact, make it a drinking game. The first one who laughs has to drink. SHOT!

1. Robbie Williams This guy just wants to sing about love, wax his chest and get laid, so nothing makes us more happy than seeing this soft-rock jerkbag pushed off the stage. We're assuming that he may have sung one too many love songs to one too many married ladies. Kick his ass for all of us, you crazy-ass fan!

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.