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Reader: All My Concerts Were Already Canceled

Red Rocks is open...for exercise and sight-seeing.
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Travelocity just sent out its recommendations for the best thing to see in each of the fifty states this year. Here's the pick for Colorado:
Not only is it stunning, Red Rocks Amphitheater is also the only naturally occurring, acoustically perfect amphitheater in the world. Located just outside of Denver, concerts are held year round and notable performers include The Beatles, U2, Depeche Mode and Jethro Tull. Not into live music but still curious? Hike, bike and stroll the trails at Red Rocks Park.
Well, the last sentence is correct, at least: After closing right before Easter (when it usually hosts a sunrise service), Red Rocks Parks and Amphitheatre has reopened for visitors who want to hike the area, maybe take a more formal class. But live music? There's nothing on the books this month.

In fact, Governor Jared Polis, who'd allowed some bars and clubs to reopen at the end of June if they followed strict safety guidelines, rolled that back on June 30 when the state's COVID-19 numbers didn't look good. "Our country and the world has not yet figured out in a pandemic how to do bars and nightclubs safely," he said.

When will live music come back to Red Rocks? Or any of the area's venues? Says Blain:
Probably in about 202never.
Notes Nicholson:
 Outside much safer than closed areas like bars.
Responds Alexa:  
Six feet apart at a concert? Yeah, okay...
Adds Eva: 
175 people even in "extra large" venues. 50 in small clubs. That's basically closed.
Replies Stacey:
 We can't even get people to wear masks and distance in the grocery store.
Comments Sean:  
If people can protest in giant groups, then fuck it, open everything. No one lives forever. - Jim Morrison
And then there's this from Stephanie:
 Too bad. All my concerts were already canceled.
But while you can't see concerts at Red Rocks, at least you can see Red Rocks — which remains one of the most stunning landmarks in Colorado, even when there is no music there.

Will you visit Red Rocks this summer? Where else are you walking or hiking? What are you doing for your music fix? Post a comment or email [email protected].
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