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Reader: Fans Will Travel Quite a Distance to See a Concert at Red Rocks

Twelve employees claim they spotted a UFO over the famous venue, but skeptics want to see the pictures.
Red Rocks employees spotted a UFO in June.
Red Rocks employees spotted a UFO in June. Ross Jones/Canva
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Music fans think a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre is an out-of-this-world experience, and apparently aliens love Red Rocks, too.

On June 5, a "large, disc-shaped craft with three levels of windows" was spotted by twelve of the venue's employees "north of Red Rocks about a mile or so, hovering above the treetops on the [Hogback's] ridge," according to a report posted with the National UFO Reporting Center.

"I was working at Red Rocks Amphitheater last night when one of our coworkers suddenly said to us, 'Hey, what is that over there? It looks like a spaceship,'" a Red Rocks employee wrote in that report. "We all turned to look in the direction he was pointing and sure enough, there was a UFO hovering about a half-a-mile to a mile north of Red Rocks. A dozen of us saw it. We all kept asking each other, 'Are you seeing this too?' It was a resounding 'yes' from everyone in the group."

The members of the group are anonymous, since they reported the sighting to the center, not to Denver Arts & Venues, which manages the venue. That, and the fact that no photos have emerged, inspired skepticism in many comments on the Westword Facebook post of the UFO sighting news. But others definitely believe. Says Renna:
They came to jam!
Offers Aaron:
They were there trying to find a parking spot for the concert...
Adds Stan:
Fans will travel quite a distance to see a concert at Red Rocks.
But Michele wonders:
Twelve employees saw it and did anyone take out their cell phone to capture a photo or a video?
Warns Bob:
Photos or it didn’t happen.
Responds Joey:
To everyone saying "pics or it didn't happen": Look, man, I don't know anything about UFOs, but I do know I can't even get a decent picture of the moon on my phone for shit and that bitch don't even move, so.
Chadrick points out:
If aliens have big ships that can move silently and disappear, you can be confident that they can prevent us from taking pictures.
Says Natalie:
I think it is hilarious that there are people who would deny there are other lifeforms in a unlimited universe. Of course there are other beings...they are smart to avoid us.
Suggests Cheyenne: 
Some people tend to forget how sacred those grounds can feel if you’ve ever experienced it yourself. I work there… and I’ve been sober everytime I’ve been there…. 🤷🏼‍♀️
Notes Terri:
Anybody who has properly partied at Red Rocks has probably seen at least 1 UFO.
And Vin concludes:
They were just high as fuck. All that smoking weed and you're going to see some weird shit. Report the news, not some "he said she said."
What do you think of the UFO sighting? Of Red Rocks in general? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected].
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