Rollin' In My '64: Ten famed (and great) rap songs about a Chevy

The Chevrolet car company was founded 100 years ago today to compete with the Ford Model-T. But who cares about 100 years ago? The golden age of Chevrolet was from 1960 to 1976, from the Impala to the second-generation Caprice. This writer learned to drive on a '64 Impala in various states of disrepair, and later a 396 '69 Chevelle, which was just about as safe for a teenager as a loaded gun. The allure of those cars isn't lost on hip hop, causing any Chevy owner to take a small amount of pride when their ride is name-dropped. Here are ten songs you should always play loud in your Chev-ro-lett.
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Nick Lucchesi
Contact: Nick Lucchesi