Safe Boating is No Accident back in the studio, preparing for cassette release this spring

Fresh on the heels of releasing their Isn't It Fun? EP this past September, the members of Safe Boating Is No Accident are back in the studio, working again with film sound engineer Will Klingenmeier on the duo's yet-to-be-titled followup.

The release will come out on cassette, as part of a split tape series being put out by Something Like Sound's Tim Weilert on his DIY cassette label, Buckingham Pie Group.

"Tim was looking for for bands to do a split tape series," says Safe Boating's Leighton Peterson of the band's choice to go with the format. "The idea of a format is kind of ridiculous these days, because everything just becomes ones and zeros anyway."

Those ones and zeros will come along with the tape, in the form of a free download card for those who may not own a cassette player. Peterson says the tangible piece of music is more like a souvenir, and the tape run will most likely be limited to 100 copies. Safe Boating's analog memorabilia is expected for early spring release.

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