Shitwolf becomes Undead Uglies

For reasons that are seemingly innumerable, the outfit formerly known as Shitwolf has rinsed off its fur and will now be known simply as Undead Uglies. Too bad, Shitwolf was such a memorable moniker. Besides the fact that the name looked, uh, killer on fliers (check out past handbills on the band's MySpace page) and stickers, everytime we thought of it, it conjured images from that old bear/rabbit/woods/shit-sticking-to-your fur joke, which gave us a hearty chuckle. Nonetheless, the name change makes the absolute sense. The likelihood of hearing that name uttered on the airwaves are about as good as seeing the words Shitwolf printed in any mainstream publications. What's more, with the proliferation of other outfits bearing the something-wolf or wolf-something handles, Undead Uglies has a much better chance of standing out. That said, while we're sorry to see Shitwolf has been, ahem, left for dead, we completely understand.

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