Sideways5 launch party this Friday

A few weeks ago, the longtime Colorado dance music community unnet.net fractured and came apart under the stress of some considerable internal drama. This was a sad thing, but no surprise. Online communities frequently do that after a decade or so of existence. Very shortly after unnet.net ceased to exist, Sideways5 came into existence to replace it: very similar look, the majority of the community, nearly all of its features. Only the archives were lost. This is a good thing.

Another good thing? The Sideways5 people are throwing themselves a little launch party this Friday, November 6, in the Beatport Lounge. It's cheap or free for for Sideways5 members and you'll get to meet and hear the music of some of the movers and shakers behind the boards. Sign up for Sideways5 (www.sidewaysfive.net) if you haven't already, print out your profile page and get there before 11 p.m. for cheap ($10 for 18+) or free (21+) entry. You can also RSVP on Facebook.. Either way, get it done and go help them launch this thing in style.

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