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Slow Caves Announces New Album, Drops Music Video for "Out of State"

Slow Caves has released the first single and video off its upcoming album, Falling.
Slow Caves has released the first single and video off its upcoming album, Falling. Evan Olea
Denver indie-rock band Slow Caves has released the new single “Out of State” and an accompanying video (see it for yourself below). It's the first single off the band's upcoming debut full-length record, Falling, set to be released on March 22.

Directed by Ethan Dayton, the video finds Slow Caves thumbing its nose at self-serious ’90s rock-band music videos while ultimately making a pretty good one — complete with a home-video static shot to open, different bandmembers sporting little tiny sunglasses and an exceptional synchronized windmill. 

"I think there’s sort of a duality with the song and video," says singer and guitarist Jakob Mueller. "The song is actually sort of about depression and feeling stuck, but yet it’s kind of a bright-sounding, big rock song. There was kind of duality there because we’re portraying ourselves as rock-and-rollers; we’re doing the windmill.

"It’s just very grand," he adds.

While spending time in Paris in September, Mueller and guitarist and bassist David Dugan spent an afternoon drinking cheap beer by a river and storyboarding the video idea. Within a couple of hours, they had something they could work with.

“I just had this idea of having a giant white background and Jakob in this Adidas outfit and a bucket hat on, doing a Pete Townshend thing,” says Dugan. “That’s the inspiration for the whole video."

As the first single off their upcoming record, the bandmates feel that “Out of State” is a nice song to ease listeners into their new music, which will deal with darker and heavier themes than they have addressed in previous work.

“I think this is kind of an obvious choice for the first single, because it draws the bridge between our old sound and where we’re going," says Dugan. "It has a lot of pop sensibility and big guitars and a lot of reverb, but it pairs both worlds together nicely.”

Slow Caves album release, 9 p.m. Saturday, March 23, Globe Hall, 4483 Logan Street.
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