Solar Bear's Captain's of Industry: Backbeat presents an exclusive advance listen (CD release party tomorrow!)

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Call us homers if you must, but sometimes we just can't get over how unbelievably badass the music scene is in this town. Sure, like any other place, we have a seemingly endless supply of crappy also rans and probably-never-will-be's, but for every five of those, we have a Solar Bear, an act whose influences are clear and readily apparent, but who does what it does so fucking well, that it really doesn't matter who they're torchbearers of.

More to the point, Solar Bear's CD release show tomorrow night at Moe's marks the release of yet another excellent record (that's two this weekend alone counting Mane Rok's new album, which drops tonight and which we're also currently previewing). Needless to say, it gives us great pleasure to present you with an exclusive advance listen of Solar Bear's new album. We've been looking forward to this record since wearing out the band's previous disc, The Ghost of Anton La Vey, more than a year ago.

Andy Thomas sums up the new album rather eloquently. "If you plan on nodding your head to the beat of Solar Bear's newest album, good fucking luck," writes Thomas in his recent review. "Time signatures switch suddenly and unexpectedly throughout the six-song EP, creating oceans of frenzied, finger-stretching chaos before melting into beautiful and sprawling half-tempo breakdowns. The band, recently stripped down to a foursome, doesn't stray far from the post-hardcore madness made popular by acts like These Arms Are Snakes and Fear Before..."

Fear Before is actually quite a fitting touchstone. Not only is Solar Bear undeniably kindred to Fear, but that act's erstwhile drummer Brandon Proff (now a member of Young Cities) even designed the cover of the new album, itself impeccably recorded by Matt Van Leuven at 8 Houses Down -- without any sort of pitch-correction software, as the band makes sure to note. If you're verging on a nervous breakdown, might want to steer clear of this one -- unless, of course, you're looking for a soundtrack, that is.

We're sorry! The exclusive stream for this album has expired. Purchase Captains of Industry on iTunes.

Solar Bear Captains of Industry

01. Logical Fallacy (Intro) 02. The Endless Choir 03. Mr. Iconoclastic vs. The Captains of Industry 04. Kafka Roaches 05. Eating Disorders 06. Good For Nothing Misfit Mothers

Solar Bear is: Marcus Tallitsch - Lead Vocals Tyler Stoakes - Bass Kevin Henkelman - Drums/Percussion Marshall Gallagher - Guitars/Backing Vocals/Keys

Additional Musicians: Nick Scriven (Gang Vocals), Brandon Whalen (Backing Vocals on "Eating Disorders")

Recorded by Matt Van Leuven at 8 Houses Down Studios (Denver, CO)
Mixed and Mastered at The Mixing Station (Seattle, WA)
Produced by Solar Bear
Album Artwork by Brandon Proff

This record was cut without the use of pitch correction software.  Secret Track recorded live at 8 Houses Down.

Solar Bear would like to thank: our families, Eric Paton, Reid James Symons, Maitland Lottimer, Cole Strahn, Matt Van Leuven and Jeff Merkel at 8 Houses, Casey Bates and the Mixing Station crew, Ross Gardner, Danny Sax, Brandon Proff, Daniel Garza, Nick Scriven, Taylor Marsh, My Body Sings Electric, Young Cities, The Chain Gang of 1974, Speakeasy Tiger, Colors, Iluminado, Only Thunder, Adai, Ideal Fathers, Werewolves, Anchorage, Native, Brendan and Who Goes There?, Mouthful of Thunder, Honor The Fallen, Ben, Chris and Rikki at Soda Jerk Presents, Lab Seven Studios, Ramon Rivera, Frank The Tank and our LV crew, Danielle Askew, Ashley Langley, Malyssa Maggard, John Gallagher, Tony Mason and anyone who has ever supported us at a show, bought our merch or helped us out on tour.  Much Love and Respect.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.