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Songs of the summer: Twitpoll edition

We brought you a list of our potential top summer jams a while back, but now summer is here and it got us to wondering: What song (or songs) have been your top songs of the summer so far. And since standing on a street corner asking random passers-by questions is out of fashion (and damn uncomfortable, considering the heat), we turned to the next best thing: Twitter. For the last few days we've been intermittently asking our followers what their top summer tunes are, and our followers have been answering.

So, if you're looking for some new tunes, or are just curious what your fellow Westword readers have playing on their iPods as they lounge in a hammock sipping mojitos, here are our results, exactly as tweeted to us. And if you missed the poll on Twitter or don't do Twitter, feel free to weigh in with your selection(s) in the comments.

@queserasara: "Lying Around" by Magic Bullets (super happy summertime jam) or "Tightrope" by Janelle Monae for instant dance party.

@ConnorNovotny: I may be late to the game, but Sandy by Caribou is supreme summer bliss, but more recently Daydream by Beach Fossils is win.

@DVLP_Clothing: Loud Pipes by Ratatat

@somelikesound: best songs so far this summer: anything from Night Beds. haven't heard that kind of replay value anywhere else recently

@AmytotheO: "Closer to the Edge" @30secondstomars of course! Why? Once the vid is released in the U.S, everyone will get "it". LOL!

@denverdan4life: need you by travie mccoy

@terra_walker: any new Scorpions :)

@joebeauprez: cults - go outside

@AdrienneSaia: It's shamefully obvious, but a classic: Don Henley - "Boys of Summer"

@lillysings: Gauntlet Hair "I Was Thinking" this song is killing it!

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