Soundgarden coming to Red Rocks on July 18!

Black hole sun, won't you come and wash away the rain? What an absolutely perfect sentiment for a soggy day like today. Well, except for the black hole part -- not even sure what that means exactly, black hole sun. Do you know? Anyhow, just got word that Soundgarden, authors of that curious tune, are coming to Red Rocks on Monday, July 18. So there. Might be getting it confused with Faith No More (surely some of you old-schoolers remember?), but didn't Soundgarden get greeted with upraised middle fingers on its first trip to the Mile High City?

The Red Rocks show in July is only one of four dates that have been announced so far on the upcoming summer tour of the reconvened band, which is reportedly working on a new album, its first since the mid-'90s. Tickets for the show ($59.50-$65.50) officially go on sale Friday, April 22 (but if you're a member of the Soundgarden fan club, you can get in on a special pre-sale on Monday, April 18).

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