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SXSW Travelogue: Air Dubai checks in

Thursday, March 17

We left for Texas early Sunday morning from the band house about 6 a.m (we planned for five, but we're never on time to shit) packed in tight in our two vehicles, Julian's black Jeep, which we deemed the "Pedro Negro" and Taylor's red Jeep, aka "The Red Fajita," which we pronounce like "vagina" cause it's funnier that way. We drove pretty much all day to a soundtrack of dubstep and crap rap until we reached Dallas, where we spent the night at Taylor's family's house.

The next morning, we headed out at 7 a.m. on our way to Austin, where, at 11:00 a.m., we grabbed some Starbucks and headed to Matchbox Studio's to record two new songs. The first day in the studio was dope. Our engineer Dwight gave us a lot of shit, but things moved quickly and efficiently. That night we drove downtown to our hotel in Austin, and Wes, Nick, Taylor, Michael, Lawrence and I decided to go check out the sights before the madness of SXSW began.

Since it was only Monday things weren't too crazy, but there were still tons of people (and soooo many hot girls -- holy shit!). This is our first year at South By, so it was kind of like walking into downtown Denver times ten. There were all the usual bars and drunk people, but already there was music and energy everywhere. After spending five fucking dollars on a slice (ONE SLICE!) of pizza, we decided to head back to the rooms and get some rest for day two in the studio.

Tuesday was a pretty normal day. We spent most of it inside the studio recording and tightening up the songs. I had my first Chic-fil-a sandwich that day, mainly because the pursuit of a Chipotle failed miserably! Google maps told us it was there, but it, literally, was no where to be found.

Wednesday, our last day of recording was incredible. It felt good knowing we could do that much in a matter of three days so we went out to a Mexican restaurant called Chuy's and then headed back downtown for more sight seeing. On Sixth Street, we met up with The Epilogues and Heyday guys. Wes brought out his trumpet and jammed with some random bands, and we found bars to get drunk in. The streets were even more packed now, so walking around was like being in a zoo. There were people in crazy outfits and a ton of the "I'm in a band" attitude assholes walking around, and we were just wide eyed observers in the heart of it all.

Today is our relax day. We have showcases coming up on Friday and Saturday on Sixth Street, and we're hoping for craziness with both shows!

More updates coming soon! Happy St. Patricks!

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