The 2UP leases Kitty's East space

A year after opening the 1UP in LoDo, owner Jourdan Adler took over the former home of Pete's Monkey Bar last June and put his second arcade-themed bar, the 2UP, in that space. While the 2UP might be smaller than its downtown counterpart, that could change if Adler gets the green light from the city and state to expand into the space next door, the former Kitty's East, whose grimy run on Colfax came to an end this past weekend following an undercover narcotics sting.

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Adler said they've just started the process, and he's already signed the lease on the space. Yesterday, he submitted a zoning change to the city, but Adler says he doesn't want to start investing any money into the place until he gets approval from the city.

"When we took over Pete's," he notes, "you can file the transfer and you get it done rather quickly, almost a month-ish. But for this, it's almost like adding a new liquor license to the liquor license, even though we've got one in place. We've got to do a change of use on Kitty's since it was never a bar, so we've got to go through zoning on that. Kitty's has to be rezoned, and then we move forward from there."

As for his plans for the space, Adler says it really depends on what licenses they allow to extend and what they get approved for, and they don't want to start investing any time or money into things until they get approval. "It's really up to the city and state to extend the liquor license," Adler says. "Once that happens, we'll start making some concrete plans."

To extend the liquor license, Adler says he'll have to go through similar steps to getting a new license, like having a public hearing and getting approval from neighborhood groups. If they do get the licensing, Adler says his attorneys think they could maybe be open by late summer or early fall.

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