The five-cellphone, one-man band Steffest

Back in the day, if you wanted to pull off a one-man band shtick, you needed a lot of instruments, a clever way to strap them all to your body and an unreal amount of coordination. Now, you just need five cellphones, some tape and a portable speaker. Oh, and the kind of hardcore geek knowledge to write some custom music apps for the phones and a decent amount of coordination to make it all go.

The video above shows Belgian geek/musician Steffest rocking out on five cellphones taped to a piece of wood in a guitar-like shape. The project is a result of a presentation on mobile platform cross development (he created the little piano/drum sequencer app visible on several of the phones), but for such a dull-sounding topic, he sure managed to make something intriguing. If we saw this guy busking witht hat thing, we'd throw him some change.

[Via SynthGear]


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