The GG Allin bobblehead is riddamndiculous. That's why we want one!

All right, so if you're racking your brain trying to think of things to get us for our birthday or whatever, stop. Here's what we want. Floorside seats to the Nuggets on Monday night? Naw. A 1987 Honda CRX? Eh-eh. We want a toy, this toy, in fact, a GG Allin bobblehead. What do you mean, how old are we? Yes, we know it's riddamndiculous. That's kind of the point here. The mere notion of punk's most infamous iconoclast being immortalized in hard plastic, replete with blood spatters on his forehead and tats that look like they were drawn on with a Sharpie -- that's enough to send us looking for our checkbook. Man, oh, man, if only GG were around to see this. He'd shit himself. Wait, what are we saying? He'd probably bludgeon himself with the damn thing and then shove it up his... uh, yeah, in the interest of keeping this blog family friendly, we'll leave the rest to your imagination (or googleability) to fill in the blank on that one.


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