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The Pirate Signal and DJ Awhat part ways

From the possibility of the Nathan & Stephen reunion becoming more than just a one-off proposition to former Speakeasy Tiger frontwoman Kyle Simmons making her debut with her new band Boys, we heard several intriguing rumors and were made aware of quite a few new developments this past weekend.

None was perhaps more striking, however, than seeing DJ Soup behind the decks for The Pirate Signal's set at the Import Warehouse, and then learning that the group and DJ Awhat had parted ways.

"I just think things run their course, ya know?" says Yonnas Abraham. "We wanted to do different things and go different places, and it's all love, you know?"

No word yet on form that whole different things/different places notion will take, but according to DJ Awhat, who announced the news yesterday via Twitter, he has huge things in store, while Abraham, whose band continues to attract more and more of a fervent crossover indie rock crowd, says he's excited to try new stuff with the older songs.

Stay tuned. We'll keep you posted of any new developments we hear. In the meantime, catch The Pirate Signal next Wednesday, August 4 at Astroland up in Boulder and the following night at Quixote's.

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Dave Herrera
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