The Twelve Best Shows in Colorado Over the Holidays

Here's a list of good shows in America's Greatest State this week. We've called this period of time "the holidays" in the headline up there, but we realize why that might be confusing/misleading. Here are the holidays we're specifically referring to (in chronological order): The final day of Chanukah, Christmas Eve, Christmas, the beginning of Kwanzaa, Washington's Birthday and the Day After Christmas Day. That last one is a real state holiday in several places, mostly (of course) in the South. It is not a real holiday at the Westword office, however, so while you won't hear much (more) from us today or tomorrow, we'll be back with a full slate of Internet words and pictures on Friday. Who knows? Maybe we'll make room for a video or two.

We really, really digress. Go check out some music this week, and enjoy your holiday(s)!

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