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The Weekend Showdown: The Hollyfelds getting their Clint Eastwood on

We would hate for you to miss out on all the awesome that happens every weekend in our fair city, so we've decided to run down five of the best shows in one easy-to-swallow post, with video and audio. Tell us -- and the rest of the world -- what we missed in the comments.

As we get closer to summer, Denver's live music scene is becoming an embarrassment of riches. This weekend sees CD releases from Hollyfelds and Solar Bear. 3OH!3 is back, this time at the Fillmore with several equally frivolous bands. And while there are two more on the horizon, this weekend marks your first chance to say goodbye to Meese. A little bittersweet, but at least they're starting a new project.

1. Hollyfelds EP Release Party With Halden Wofford & The Hi Beams, Gt & The Sidewinders Meadowlark Saturday, May 22. Doors open at 8pm.

Why you should go: The Hollyfelds put on an insanely entertaining show under normal circumstances, and we're guessing the release of their new EP, Lo Bueno, Lo Malo, Lo Feo (The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, for those of you who don't speak Spanish), will have them in rare form.

Listen: Hollyfelds Halden Wofford & The Hi Beams Gt & The Sidewinders

2. Meese With The Northern Way Bluebird Theatre Saturday, May 22. Show starts at 9pm. $12.00-$14.00

Why you should go: They won't say it, so we will: Fuck Atlantic. Doesn't much matter how you feel about Meese's music, there's no doubt that signing the band and then letting them fall through the cracks before dropping them is one of the many reasons we won't be too sad to see the major labels crumble. Enough ranting -- this is one of three final chances to see the Meese boys in action.

Listen: Meese The Northern Way

3. Solar Bear CD Release With My Body Sings Electric, Young Cities Moe's Barbeque Saturday, May 22. Show starts at 9pm. $5.00

Why you should go: Solar Bear is relatively awe-inspiring live, in many ways transcending the wasteland that is contemporary punk. Hard and fast, sure, but Solar Bear is a band with an ear for song craft and a healthy dose of self-awareness to go along with all the thrashing.

Listen: Solar Bear My Body Sings Electric Young Cities

4. 3OH!3 With Cobra Starship, Travie McCoy, I Fight Dragons Fillmore Auditorium Friday, May 21. Doors open at 7pm. $25.00

Why you should go: Not for nothing that their supporting acts are Warped Tour mainstays, but this makes it two headlining shows at the Fillmore in two trips to Denver for 3OH!3. The anticipation for their upcoming Streets Of Gold has the duo living in a world of success they probably find hilarious.

Listen: 3OH!3 Cobra Starship Travie McCoy I Fight Dragons

5. Local Natives With Suckers Larimer Lounge Friday, May 21. Show starts at 9pm. Sold Out

Why you should go: Local Natives are so on the zeitgeist, garnering comparisons to your favorite aughts-indie heavyweights: Fleet Foxes, Vampire Weekend, Arcade Fire and Grizzly Bear come up a lot. Whether those comparisons make a lot of sense other than superficially doesn't matter a whole lot -- the show is sold out, isn't it?

Listen: Local Natives Suckers

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