The wily men of Wanker celebrate 25 years of debauchery in Denver at the Toad Tavern

Next month, the members of Wanker will celebrate their 25th anniversary. But not only is it the anniversary of the band, it's also the anniversary of the band being on the cover of this here fishwrap. While Wanker went on to earn nods from our paper as Best Band in 1988 and Best Band to Watch in 1989 (long before there was much of a music scene in Denver), on December 22, 1987 -- the date that the hooligans graced our cover -- the dudes hadn't even played their first show yet. "Talk about hype!" says frontman Jerry Lee McGuire. "Wanker had actually started out as a local cable-TV comedy skit that went horribly wrong!"

The Wanker boys -- Original members Jerry Lee (aka 714), Nick Trombetta (aka Nicky Stiff) and Bob Rupp (Bobbi Botox), along with Miles Marlin -- are planning to commemorate this momentous occasion by performing at the Toad Tavern with fellow elder statesman Dick Ramada (of Dick N' the Chicks) and his band, plus the Demon Funkies, Kelli Said and Captain Quirk. Most of the audience this time around "either wasn't born at the time or were soiling their diapers when the band first hit the scene," notes Jerry Lee. Step into the wayback machine on Saturday, December 1, at the Toad Tavern.

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