Tonight: Real is a Feeling at Meadowlark

Even though Travis Egedy (aka Pictureplane), the dude behind the heady party Real is a Feeling is currently on tour with Sleigh Bells (who came through last Saturday), the show -- or dance party, rather -- must go on. So, as a "pre-pre" event to the Halloween weekend, resident DJs Poncie Lifestyle and Screensavers will be bringing the same Freestyle-inspired deep house to Meadowlark tonight.

The bi-weekly event has been going strong since August, and this almost-Halloween edition should be no exception -- DJ Narky Stares can be heard giving tribal beats a renewed lifespan, mixing the gooey pop star charm of Miley Cyrus with lesser known hard hitters like NGUZUNGUZU. This party is 21 and up, $5, and things get started around 10 p.m.

Wondering what Real is a Feeling parties are like? Think this--but with more clothes.

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