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Travis Egedy's Pictureplane is taking off

A native of Santa Fe, New Mexico, Travis Egedy, who performs under the name Pictureplane, has been rapidly gaining the attention of popular underground bands such as HEALTH, which praised the act on Pitchfork, invited Pictureplane to go on tour, and brought it to the attention of the Lovepump United imprint.

Pictureplane's combination of house, dance music and noise is noteworthy for its warm, uplifting tones and an ability to bring the listener along for a ride to a new era where everyone realizes his or her dreams. The recently released Dark Rift is perhaps less experimental than its predecessor, Turquoise Trail, but it represents a major step in the development of one of the Denver scene's most significant musical projects. We had a chance to sit down with Egedy recently.

Westword: A couple of years ago, I used to see you and there would be a small group of people, and a few months later I'd see much larger crowds, to the point where I didn't know most of them. To what do you attribute this?

Travis Egedy: I don't think it happened that fast. It was more I had played around a lot all the time. I don't know. Living at Rhinoceropolis was a turning point, and playing there. Playing some bigger shows. I remember early on, I played an Orthrelm show. There were a couple of shows at Monkey Mania that I played that were pretty high-profile. I don't even really know what the turning point was. I think just the fact that I was playing all the time and that kids maybe liked it. At Monkey Mania, I played with Excepter. I remember seeing HEALTH there, and not many people were there, and I didn't really talk to them that night. I was at Monkey Mania a lot both when Josh [Taylor] lived there and afterward.

You're going to Europe with HEALTH?

Yes, all of October we're in Europe. It's really exciting. I've never been out of the country. I think HEALTH is very popular in Europe. We'll probably be playing some very big shows, and that's kind of scary. I'll still do it and it'll be fun, but when I think about it in my mind, I think, "Oh, God! I don't know if I'm confident enough to do that." But it'll be okay.

You started Pictureplane before you moved to Denver?

The name "Pictureplane" came out when I was living in Denver. When I first moved here I called myself "Area 66." That was my rap name, though — I was an MC. That was my hip-hop alter ego. Outer space, pyramid alien raps kind of shit. I wanted something not a rap name because I was starting to experiment with music that was not hip-hop. I was going this other way and thought, "This isn't Area 66 anymore." I was just looking through an art book somewhere, and in the index it had "picture plane" in there. At the time, I was really into airplanes. I'd put them into all my paintings. It just made sense. That was a really long time ago. Now if I were to choose a name, it wouldn't be "Pictureplane," probably. Not that I don't like the name; it just doesn't reflect my interests as much.

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