Tromapalooza Denver: loud, abrasive rock and loud, abrasive film together at last

If there's a film equivalent to the punk rock movement, it's got to be Troma Films. In titles such as Toxic Avenger, Redneck Zombies, Class of Nuke 'em High and many, many, many more, Troma took a punk approach to filmmakeing -- forget the technical expertise, who cares if we can play (act, write or direct), let's fire up the amps (cameras) and make some music (movies).

And it worked, making Troma head Lloyd Kaufman (center) and Troma Films one of the most successful indie film studios ever. This weekend, Kaufman will be in town for Tromapalooza Denver, a music and film festival to raise money for TromaDance, another film festival.

This Saturday, January 23 at the Gothic, a handful of Denver's finest Troma-friendly bands will play various type of loud, abrasive music to celebrate Troma's loud, abrasive filmmaking style. Zombie Hate Brigade, Parasite Hilton, KillCity Bombers, Audio Flux, Insomniaxe and Velvet Elvis are on the bill for the all-ages show and tickets will set you back $8.

There's also a special midnight showing of Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead Friday and Saturday at the Esquire Theatre. If the title doesn't tell you everything, it's a movie about undead chickens seeking revenge. And you can ask Kaufman what the hell he was thinking, about this film or any other, after the film either night in a special in-person appearance and Q&A session. Tickets for the films are $7.25.

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