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Twenty Predictions for Denver Music in 2015

2014 was an excellent year for Colorado music -- several excellent new venues opened, our state's bands released more worthy albums than anyone could keep track of and fans turned out in droves to the hundreds of thousands of shows. 2015 promises more of the same on those fronts, but we do have a few guesses for how the landscape might change this year. All of these are definitely, certainly, probably going to happen or we'll give you your money back. Leave your own predictions in the comments!

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20. It will still be impossible to have a bad time at Mutiny Information Cafe, Seventh Circle Music Collective or Syntax Physic Opera.

19. The new South Broadway will be...South Broadway (the part below I-25, though). 18. The DIY scene will be forced off of Brighton Boulevard and into the suburbs. OR! Rhinoceropolis and Glob will receive a historic Denver preservation designation and stay forever.

17. Great White will headline a large theater in Denver (please??).

16. The world (or some behemoth record company) will realize Alphabets makes the best music ever, sign him and release all 43 of his albums currently on bandcamp. Yeah, 43 albums. 15. The Lumineers will release new music, and it will involve neither foot stomping nor shout-along choruses. 14. Cheech and Chong will be in Denver every weekend, instead of every other weekend. 13. Bollywood Life will be our next Pictureplane.

12. Cop Circles' "Cowtowwn" will become Denver's official anthem and get some state tourism award/designation.

11. Fort Collins will become a national destination for touring bands.

10. The Other Black will expand to become a 100-piece outer-space party band and leave the planet in its own funkadelic rocket ship to populate Mars. 9. The weed industry will host a music festival in City Park.

8. Someone will buy the Aztlan and turn it into one of the coolest theaters in town.

7. The ghosts of Rock Island and 15th Street Tavern will wander LoDo and scare all the drunk people at rooftop bars. 6. Riot Fest will add a giant slip 'n' slide.

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5. The concept of "The Denver Sound" will finally be discredited, because there isn't one.

4. In The Whale will ditch the Broncos to take up with the Rockies.

3. Someone will buy Kitty's on South Broadway and turn it into a music venue, we hope. 2. Pretty Lights will not be the last massive headliner to do a show in Telluride.

1. Snoop Dogg will make a last-second run at becoming Denver's mayor.

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