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U.K. DJ Itchy Robot on October 1 at Milk

The U.K.'s Itchy Robot is a man who's got a knack for nomenclature. His own nom de tune may be one of the best names for a dubstep DJ/producer ever — something about it captures the essence of dubstep nearly perfectly. Turning to his song titles, you'll find such memorable names as "Screaming Fuckface," "Chipmunk Stagga" and "Muppet Pig." Is it even possible to hear names like those and not need to hear the tunes they're attached to? Still, that wouldn't matter if the man didn't have just as deft a touch with sounds as he does with names. His tunes favor a lithe, minimal touch that explores space and stillness as well as dubstep's typical deep bass, robot-fucking timbres and skippy rhythms. It's a different approach, but it seems to be paying off: Twenty different record labels have him on their roster! You can check out his lean, muscular sound for yourself this Friday, October 1, at Milk, where he'll kick off a new weekly night called Impact Fridays.

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