Video: Tennis on Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Tennis on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night: Did you catch it? The "duo from Denver," as Leno introduced the act, performed "Origins" from the new album, Young & Old, and brought along a few familiar faces from Denver.

Even thought they didn't see much face time, it was nice to see the two of the gals from Paper Bird, Sarah Anderson and Esme Tiger Collins, on backing vocals, and Patrick Meese (seriously, who hasn't he moonlighted with at this point?) on guitar, rocking a sweet, sweet cardigan, accompanying Patrick Riley, Alaina Moore and James Barone on the set.

Sounded pretty good, and that's a bit perplexing, not on the part of the band, though, which was in dependably fine form, more so, in the fact that the Tonight Show and Saturday Night Live are both on the same network, right? Both belong to the Peacock? So then why does one consistently sound better than the other? Just an observation. File under: Things that make you go hmmm... Anyhow, page down to see the clip if you missed it.

(via the Audio Perv via Stereogum)

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