What the riders were jammin' at the Backyard Bang

This past Saturday, we stopped by the Backyard Bang, which stretched between Lincoln and Sherman on 12th. We noticed the riders all had headphones in, so being all about the music, we asked them what they were listening to during their respective drops, rail slides and whatnot in the scary-as-hell Scion Death Gap (note: Only one Scion was injured in the event with a broken windshield wiper, dented hood and scratched windshield). Click through to see what they said.

Here is Emily Blueitt. In her own words: "I mainly listen to whomp. Not really, but today it's on shuffle. Do you know this song? It goes 'You got designer shades/Just to hide your face/And you wear them around like/You're cooler than me.' I know this song, I just wish I didn't."

This is Anouck Grau, a 22-year-old thrasher from France. For rails, it's strictly electronic. For deep pow-pow days, its smooth hip-hop.

This is Cole. He goes by the name of Bobby Blumpkin. He slaps rails with the help of Bobby Brackins, Project Pat and a dash of Iron Maiden.

Meet Justin Morgan, a 21-year-old from Breckenridge, Colorado who keeps the style O.G. -- Led Zeppelin and Rick Ross. A deadly combo.

This is Libby Redepenning from Boulder, Colorado. She is 22-years-old and feels that Deadmau5, Benny Benassi and Designer Drugs will help her slash snow.

Michelle Zeller is from California. She thinks techno-jammie-jams and the Far Eastern Movement are swell for contests.

Meet Nick and Tim. They listen to Turf Talk, Outkast, E-40, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Spin Drift and Sunset Curse. Throw snow bros.

This is Sawyer Deen. A man of few words. He is eighteen and from Vermont. He listens to Lil Wayne.

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