12 Busts in Celebration of Broncos Super Win: "I Want the Motherf*ckin' Teargas!"

"This shit will not stop us.... I want teargas. I want the motherfuckin' teargas."

The declaration above represents one scene from celebrations set off last night by the Broncos' unlikely 24-10 win over the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50.

Once the victory was sealed, happy fans began whooping it up statewide — and to use a football metaphor, most of the partying remained in-bounds.

But not all.

In the Broncos' hometown, the Denver Police Department deployed scads of officers outfitted in riot gear along the 16th Street Mall and other downtown locations as fans poured into the streets — and before the fun was done, plenty of folks had personally experienced what it's like to encounter clouds of pepper spray.

As the game wound down, the DPD and the Colorado Department of Transportation began closing roads and routes leading to downtown.

Among the shut-downs: Interstate 25 ramps at 38th Avenue and Speer Boulevard, as well as 20th and 23rd streets.

Meanwhile, roads in the area of Market Street in the vicinity of 19th and 20th were blocked off — and as the crowds grew and the alcohol that flowed throughout the evening continued to do its job, confrontations mounted.

In one of the videos below, a man facing police can be heard yelling, "This is immoral!"

At another point, a guy clearly not enjoying the festivities hollers, "Fuck it, Broncos fans — you bitches" and then hurls an object into the throng.

As you'll see, one videographer dubbed the melee the "Champa Street Riot."

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Nonetheless, most of the reported damage was minor; the window of a police cruiser was broken, trash cans and outdoor furniture along the 16th Street Mall was tossed about.

The situation was similar in other parts of Colorado.

In Boulder, for example, the Daily Camera tweeted a shot of a couch set ablaze — something of a regular occurrence in the community:

In the end, however, the DPD downplayed the mayhem.

Here's a tweet from approximately 12:45 a.m.

Look below to see more images from events in Denver, including a shot of a guy smoking weed that wound up being shown live on Fox31.

They're followed by a series of YouTube videos, including one showing how Trinidad celebrated.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.