14th and Market Shooting Near Larimer Square: Four Hit, One Suspect in Custody

In recent days, we've been reporting about attacks on the 16th Street Mall, as exemplified by two stabbings this month — incidents that raise fears of rising violence in the iconic area and questions about the lack of emphasis City of Denver officials seem to be putting on the problem.

Now comes an even more worrisome episode just a couple of blocks from the mall — and considerably closer to Larimer Square.

A shooting early on Sunday, April 24, injured four people, two of them critically.

One person was taken into custody after the crime, but thus far, Denver police are sharing little information about what went down.

According to 9News, gunfire rang out at about 1:30 a.m. on Sunday.

The cross streets: 14th and Market.

The DPD didn't bother tweeting about the most recent stabbing on the 16th Street Mall, which took place early on Thursday, April 21.

This time around, however, the DPD sent out a couple of messages. Here's the first....

...and a followup:

The suspect hasn't been identified, and neither have police reps shared names of the victims.

The latter is good news, since it suggests that all four — including the ones taken to the hospital in critical condition — are still with us.

However, we don't yet know if the person fitted for cuffs after the shooting will be charged — and if so, with what.

Likewise, it's unclear if any other suspects are being sought.

What we know, however, is that violent incidents on or near the 16th Street Mall are escalating as the weather warms.

And plenty of people will be watching to see what, if anything, the City of Denver does to address them.

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