Matthew Martin Busted for Woman's Death in 19th and Larimer Homicide

The booking photo for Matthew Martin.
The booking photo for Matthew Martin. Denver Police Department
Editor's note: The woman killed in the September 9 shooting at Tamei Tower has been identified by the Denver coroner's office as Alexis Bush, 22. Continue for our previous coverage.

More details have emerged about a mysterious death in Tamei Tower, a residential building in the Sakura Square complex near 19th and Larimer streets, on September 9. The Denver Police Department has now labeled the incident a homicide and is holding Matthew Martin, 24, on suspicion of first-degree murder.

An unusual amount of information about the case remains under wraps, and because around half of Martin's probable-cause statement has been redacted, the circumstances of the alleged crime are unclear. But the document identifies the 22-year-old victim as Martin's girlfriend and reveals that she was shot in the head.

The DPD had previously divulged that officers arrived at an apartment in Tamei Tower at 4:56 p.m. on September 9. According to the arrest report, they were prompted to do so by a 911 call from a friend of the victim, who'd been called by Martin and told of the death. The friend asked for a "welfare check."

The officers soon found themselves in what was characterized by the DPD as a barricade situation. Matthews is said to have been inside the apartment with a gun, claiming that his girlfriend was dead inside.

After about an hour, a negotiator was able to convince Matthews to leave the apartment, but any specifics are blacked out of the probable-case statement. So, too, is every section related to Matthews's interviews with authorities, to which he "voluntarily agreed," the report emphasizes. Pretty much the only info not excised relates to the post-mortem examination of the victim, who had "a single gunshot entry wound to her forehead."

There's still plenty of mystery to go around. Click to read the Matthew Martin probable-cause statement.
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